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Lobby Coffee

Lobby Coffee

A few things became clear after countless mornings waking up to call times before daybreak, with nothing to drink but the coffee in the hotel lobby. You have to love making images, playing with cameras, and telling stories to succeed in this industry. Lobby Coffee is founded on a few simple ideas: keep your productions nimble, treat your crew like family, give your clients your absolute best, and have fun along the way.

Matt and Alysha Rainwaters

Matt & Alysha Rainwaters

Owner / Executive Producer

Matt and Alysha met in Austin and bonded quickly over their love of cameras and image-making. The concept for Lobby Coffee started in a hotel lobby in Dallas, but the idea was nurtured in their living room over the following years. Today, you can find them sitting across from one another, talking shop, and cruising eBay for point-and-shoot cameras.